It's time to get Confident and Comfortable using that awesome Camera!

Do you get frustrated with your camera because there are too many buttons on there and you have no idea what they do?












Do you resort to using your iPhone because you really don’t see much difference in the pictures you get from your DSLR?

















Do you find yourself missing shots because your kids are too darn quick and your images just aren’t what they are supposed to be?


If you are a mom like me trying you know you need to capture these precious memories in the best way as possible (that’s why you invested in the great camera) but you don’t have time to read the camera manual

(Even if you did – I’m pretty sure it’s written in Double -Dutch)


Think of all the Photo Opportunities that you could be missing…

Summer Vacation

Trips to the Beach!

Fruit Picking

Playing in the Sprinklers

Sports Events

4th of July

Summers is when all the awesome memories are made – You NEED to Capture them!

Don’t waste another moment fretting about which setting to use

I can help you get the photos you want  in as little as 4 hours – and you don’t even have to leave home

Here in Atlanta and online, I’ve taught hundreds of people, how to use their DSLR and understand the basics of photography so they can get the shots they want.

Girls in Tutu


Shells Baby

You have the Creative eye.

You know the “Look” you are after.

You OWN the Technology

You just don’t know how to make the camera do what you want it to do !

  • Stop getting less than par photos
  • Stop getting frustrated
  • Stop trying to read the camera manual
  • Stop trying to piece this photography stuff together bit-by-bit
I will be your personal photography tutor and guide you along the way. 

I CAN HELP you Demystify your DSLR  

Here’s how it works
  • 4  online video lessons outlining all the basics you need to know to take better photos with your DSLR
  • Access your course ANYTIME and take as long as you need to complete
  • Each lesson is presented and taught by me as if in a real classroom except you never leave home all you need is a computer and an internet connection
  • Ask questions via email and avail of the option to have me give you feedback on your assignments
  • Each lesson is jammed packed with real life pictures of the types of photos you want to take, demonstrating what to do to get it right and also what it looks like when you get it wrong.

Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1: Meet your Camera 

      Which buttons are important and which ones you can forget

      All those Accessories and Lenses explained -I’ll tell you what you NEED and what you don’t

      How to stop getting blurry pictures


Module 2: Let there be Light 


When to use flash and when not to

  How to brighten your images without knowing anything too technical

  How to shoot in Low Light

  White Balance and Metering Explained


Module 3: Beginning the Creative Process

Isabella Ballons   All those icons explained in detail

  How to get creative with them

  Composition – Improve your photos by learning a few simple rules



Module 4: Now do Something with those Amazing Photos!

mosaice745092a4c12c6b0c71be22f6e5363aa17bff437 Organizing your images and backing them up

 Preparing them for print and email

 Basic editing tips

 Creative ideas

I’m just a Beginner, is this too advanced?

No! Absolutely not!

  • This is the PERFECT Beginners course
  • It is about getting to know your DSLR camera and what all those buttons do.
  • I love teaching beginners the most and that’s who I’ve been teaching for more than 12 years.
  • You will be confident at using your DSLR camera in no time
  • I promise you –  I’m good at making this stuff easy to understand.
How much time do I need to commit?

Not much really.

  • Each Module consists of 1 hr  presentation so you can dedicate one uninterrupted hour a week to complete watching it.
  • About a half hour-an hour to complete your weekly assignment
  • The course consists of 4 modules
  • You’ll be maximizing your investment in one month and have a solid foundation in your photographic practice 

I’ve been teaching photography for more than 15 years so I know the type of information you need when you are first starting out.  Here’s what some of my students have to say:

“Envision having a sports car, keys and full tank of gas but have no real idea on how to drive it. This was my situation. I almost gave up but then I found Ingrid. Her Photoshop crash course is perfect on giving you more than enough tools to go home and start editing your photos. It is obvious that not only does she love photography but also loves to see others get excited about photography. Her teaching style is very relaxed and disarming. When you leave, you will feel very encouraged and excited to start practicing your new acquired skills.”
Becky, Atlanta
“CameraShy was exactly what I was looking for: a casual environment to learn some basics.  Ingrid is easy to understand and what she teaches is easily applied.  I will be returning for more and bringing friends…”
Liza Cochran, Atlanta
“As a busy mom of five, Ingrid’s class was perfect for me! I was able to learn at my own pace and she left the lessons up for a while after the class concluded so I could go back and master the skills. I learned the basics of exposure and how to use the camera, and have been able to take that base and build on it. She is easy to learn from and I would recommend her class to anyone!.”
Morgan Coombs, New Albany, MS

Module 1 – Value $100

Module 2 – Value $100

Module 3 – Value $100

Module4 – Value $100

Private FB Group – Value $100

Total Value of this course is $500

Only $149

Start using your DSLR to the max and Start getting the pictures you want, TODAY!